Toscana Strings (two violins, viola, cello and double bass) start the ANIMAL themed concerts by  playing lots of different styles of music as the children walk into the hall. As soon as everyone is ready and sitting comfortably we start with our first story The Tortoise and the Hare. 


We then introduce the string family by playing different styles of music. The children choose the order in which we play by picking  animals out of a bag and working out which instrument is represented by which animal!

We sing Animal Fair with the children adding layers to it; ostinato, body percussion etc

We end the concert with another story Ferdinand the Bull which is scored to Bizet’s Carmen.

Both stories are narrated by our double bass player and accompanied by string quartet. The underlying theme for this concert is programme music.


"I would really recommend these (concerts), the concept is well thought out to be a meaningful and impactful educational experience rather than just a passive listening activity – that’s why we awarded them a Primary Music Magazine Award!"– Dr Liz Stafford

"We loved all the different stories and sat spellbound listening to all the wonderful instruments. It made our world book day even more special" - Mrs Kenny, Boldmere Nursery and Infant school


It would be great if the children coming to the concert could learn the following song:


There are lots of versions of ANIMAL FAIR on YouTube to sing a long to in the class room as well as on Sing Up

The following works sheets  include activities about the string family and composition and are a great way to develop what the children have learnt during the concert.  These are best completed after our visit.

The String Family

This worksheet is aimed at KS1

Colour me in, dot to dot and match up the words.

Compose your own piece of music

This activity is  aimed at KS2. Children are encouraged to work in small groups and the worksheet guides them through the process of composing their own programme music.