Toscana Strings (two violins, viola, cello and double bass) start DOB'S PLANET ADVENTURE  concert by  playing space themed music for example the theme tune from Star Wars and Life on Mars as the children walk into the hall. As soon as everyone is  sitting comfortably we introduce ourselves and the string family and then start performing the first half of the Dob's Planet Adventure; a story about an inquisitive little alien who goes exploring around space and ends up on Earth. The music accompanying the story is very exciting and dramatic and is made up of four Spanish dances by Malats, Albeniz and de Falla.


We then demonstrate different techniques we can use as string players by performing sections of The Planets by Holst. This section of the concert is directed by the children through a fun and interactive game we also introduce the concept of dynamics and structure

We sing a song with the children, introducing an ostinato and body percussion.

We end the concert with the last section of the Dob's Planet Adventure.

Dob's Planet Adventure is narrated by our double bass player and accompanied by string quartet. 

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