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Repertoire - TV, Film and Theatre

Adele,   Skyfall

Andrew Lloyd Webber,   All I Ask of You

Benj Pasek and Justin Paul,   This Is Me

Craig Armstrong,   PM's Love Theme

Craig Armstrong,   Portuguese Love Theme

Elfman,   Ice Dance

Elfman,   Jack's Lament

Elton John,   Circle of Life

Etta James,   At Last

Frank Sinatra,   New York, New York

Gardel,   Por Una Cabeza

Henson,   Muppet Show Theme

Howard Shore,   The Lord of the Rings

John Barry,   Out of Africa

John Williams,   Schindler's List

John Williams,   Star Wars

John Williams,   Medley

Justin Hurwitz,   City of Stars

Kander,   Cabaret

Liza Minnelli,   Cabaret

Lloyd Webber,   Go Go Go Joseph

Lloyd Webber,   Memory

Lloyd Webber,   The Phantom of the Opera

Loewe,   Get Me To The Church On Time

Mancini,   Crazy World

Mancini,   Dear Heart

Mancini,   Hong Kong Fireworks

Mancini,   Life In A Looking Glass

Mancini,   Mr Lucky

Mancini,   Newhart

Mancini,   Peter Gunn

Mancini,   Reminton Steele

Mancini,   Speedy Gonzales

Mancini,   The Pink Pantha

Mancini,   Two For The Road

Mancini,   Baby Elephant Walk

Mancini,   Charade

Mancini,   Days of Wine and Roses

Mancini,   It’s Easy to Say

Mancini,   Meggie's Theme

Mancini,   Moon River

Mancini,   Pie in the Face Polka

Mancini,   The Inspector Clouseau Theme

Mancini,   The Thorne Birds Theme

Mancini,   Theme from The Molly Maguires

Max Richter,   On the Nature of Daylight

Menken,   Beauty and the Beast

Paul McCartney,   Live and Let Die

Ramin Djawadi,   Game Of Thrones

Randy Newman,   You've Got A Friend In Me

Richard Rodgers,   Selections from the Sound of Music

Rodgers,   Edelweiss

SchonbergI,   Dreamed a Dream

Schonberg,   Sun and Moon

Sherman,   Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Traditional,   An Irish Party in Third Class

Walter Murphy,   A Fifth of Beethoven

Willson,   Seventy Six Trombones

Zimmer,   Pirates of the Caribbean

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