Toscana Strings (two violins, viola, cello and double bass) start the SNOWMAN themed concerts by  playing Would You Like To Build a Snowman from Frozen as the children walk into the hall. As soon as everyone is  sitting comfortably we introduce ourselves and the string family and then start performing the first half of the Snowman


We then demonstrate different techniques we can use as string players and also introduce the concept of word painting by playing Vivaldi's Winter from the Four Seasons. The children have to guess which scenes we are playing from Winter, by the way the music is played and sounds.

We sing  Jack Frost with the children, introducing an ostinato and body percussion.

We end the concert with the last section of the Snowman.

The Snowman is narrated by our double bass player and accompanied by string quartet. 


"This was absolutely phenomenal! My school thoroughly enjoyed it and it made me cry. Wonderful performance. The children learnt so much and it provided a fab stimulus for written work." Mrs N Geithner-Hill , Upper Arley Primary School


Jack Frost is a song from Niki Davies' book Winter Songs. Please let us know if you need more details.

We will be singing Jack Frost with the children during the concert. It is not essential, but if the children would like to familiarise themselves with the song the words are below.

Snowman Storyboard - This activity is probably best suited to KS1. The children can colour in the pictures and write what is happening in each scene. The last picture is of the String family.
Answers; 1, The boys builds a snowman.   2,The Snowman tries on different fruit for a nose.   3, The boy and Snowman are flying/walking in the air.   4, Father Christmas has a snowman party.   5, The following day the Snowman has melted    6. The String family
Word Painting Composition - This activity is aimed at KS2. It is designed for children to work in groups and will probably take at least two lessons to complete.