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Stories Set To Music with Dance

We are delighted that we have been granted a license to perform Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler's Monkey Puzzle. What makes this production even more special is that our very own violinist Julianne Bourne has written the score to accompany this story. This was premièred at Symphony Hall, Birmingham in September 2022 and since then has been performed to thousands of children in schools, nurseries and public venues.


During the concert Toscana Strings introduce the string family to the audience and the concept of ballet.

Each character the little monkey and the butterfly visit represents a different dance and before the story starts the audience is taught these dances so they can join in during the little monkey's journey to find him mum.

Click on the pictures below to hear a sample of each dance.

Monkey Puzzle - A4.png
MP - snake.jpg
The Snake dances a Tango

Heading 4

MP - spider.jpg
The Spider dances a Charlston
MP - frog.jpg
The Frog dances to a Jig
MP - parrot.jpg
The Parrott dances
a Habanera 
MP - bat.jpg
The Bat dances Heavy Metal
The Elephant dances a March
These concerts last approximately 40 minutes and we can perform up to six in one day.
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