Stories Set To Music with Dance

Toscana Strings introduce the string family to the audience and the concept of ballet.

Each character the little monkey and the butterfly visit represents a different dance. For example the elephant is a march, the spider is a charlston and the bat dances to heavy metal! 


Before the story starts the audience is taught these dances so they can join in during the little monkey's journey to find him mum. 

Toscana Strings and Laura perform the story and invite the audience to join in with the different dances during the little monkey's adventure.


These concerts last approximately 40 minutes and we can perform up to six in one day.

Laura Tye

Laura started dancing at the age of eight at a local dance school in the United Kingdom. Taking part in various productions and youth dance performances her love of performing became undeniable. At the age of 16, she was awarded a full scholarship to The Royal Ballet School in London. During her time at RBS, she was frequently chosen to perform with The Royal Ballet at The Royal Opera House in Covent Garden and also with Birmingham Royal Ballet for their UK tours. She was offered a contract to join Birmingham Royal Ballet at age 18.

During her 20-year professional career with Birmingham Royal Ballet, she performed in a variety of ballets, dance festivals, and galas in prestigious international venues around the world. Regularly performing in Tokyo, Beijing, New York, and London. She also had two daughters while continuing to progress and reach the rank of Soloist.

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