"A fabulous, professional and engaging performance, which captivated the hearts and imaginations of our children. A relevant and informative introduction to the string family through fun, interactive stories." Mrs S Roberts, Holy Trinity School, Kidderminster. March 2018

Toscana Strings  launched Stories Set To Music in March 2018 and was awarded Best Workshop Provider by Primary Music Magazine at their 2019 awards. Our aim is to deliver live music in schools, performed by professional musicians, covering aspects of the music national curriculum for KS1 & 2 in a fun, interactive and informative way.


Since December 2020 we now deliver our concerts in a slightly different way. We now spend the whole day in one school and can perform multiple concerts to different year groups. This enables us to be flexible with our content and can therefore tailor the concerts to the age we are performing to. We have five concerts on offer;

Peter and the Wolf - NEW CONCERT LAUNCHED MAY 2021. We have collaborated with professional ballet dancer Laura Tye for these concerts. We introduce the string family and the concept of ballet, teach the children mime associated with the characters in the story. We then perform the story and the children join in during the finale.

Animals - depending on the length of concert this can include two stories; The Tortoise and the Hare and Ferdinand the Bull (music to Bizet’s Carmen). We introduce the string family by playing lots of different styles of music as well as singing a song with the children, adding layers to it. We also touch on how everything we play in this concert is based on programme music.

 The Snowman - this includes one story, the Snowman with original music. We introduce the string family with sections of Winter from the Four Seasons. Depending on the length of concert we also sing a song and our musical theme for this concert is word painting.

Dob's Planet Adventure - this includes one story about a little inquisitive alien who explores space,  planets and ends up on Earth. The music accompanying the story are four Spanish dances. We introduce the string family with sections of The Planets by Holst and depending on the length of concert sing a song.

The Nutcracker - this includes one story The Nutcracker with original music. We introduce the string family by playing different styles of dances, sing a song and our music theme for this concert is tempo and meter.

All stories are narrated and accompanied by string quartet. The concerts are suitable for children in reception to year six and last between 30 minutes to an hour depending on how many concerts you would like us to perform. 


Please  email us for dates and more information. We also have a facebook page dedicated to these concerts.

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Toscana Strings PMM award
We are overjoyed to have won Best Workshop Provider at the Primary Music Magazine Awards 2019.
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