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Stories Set To Music with Dance

Toscana Strings introduces the string family to the audience, and the concept of dance.

Before the story commences the audience is taught some dance sequences that represent Toad in his car speeding through the lanes, and in contrast a sequence of moves that represent the river. They will be invited to join in during the story.

This story has been especially adapted for Toscana Strings; Stories Set To Music, with the music being carefully chosen to enhance the story telling. All the music is by Elgar and includes sections from; Salut d'amour, La Capricieuse, Pomp and Circumstance No 1 and 4, Nimrod, Troyte, Serenade for Strings, Nursery Suite, Cello Concerto and Bavarian Dances,



These concerts last approximately 40 minutes and we can perform up to six in one day.

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