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How we started out

Toscana Strings started life in 2001 when Sophie's uncle asked her to play for a dinner he was organising for the IET (The Institute of Engineering and Technology). She declined at first, being a double bass player, saying that he really needed a traditional string quartet. Well he wasn't acccepting no for an answer so she agreed to play with friends in a string quartet. A good job too..... as there were over 200 guests at this black-tie event, the sound carried much better with the addition on the bass. We had fun performing and liked the double bass being our USP, so decided to promote ourselves as a quintet.

Since starting out we haven't had many changes of personnel. Rachel and Sophie are founder members with Heather joining a couple of years later. Our violinists Sally and Anna are our latest recruits, and have now been with group for three to four years. Here are some photos of the early days!

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