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We are not an agency

If/when you book Toscana Strings, Toscana Strings is who will play for your event. There are five of us; Sally, Anna, Rachel, Heather and Sophie. We do have two deps Carol and Katie who have been playing with us for years and studied at Birmingham Conservatoire. If between us we are unable to play at your event/wedding we will not accept to play in the first place.

This is very important to us. It means we maintain an extremely high standard of playing as our ensemble is tight. We also know our repertoire inside out.

There are many other similar groups who have the same ethos, however some don't. They act as an agency and will find players just for your event, who may have never played together before. This enables the 'group' to play for multiple events in one day.....all with different players but playing under the same name.

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